Sire: Uproar
Dam: Fowl x Burson
Full brother to the 2017 NAILE Reserve Champion Hamp
Raised by Begalka
Bloodline Son
Sire: Bloodline
Dam: Hef
Raised by Buckham Farms
White Chocolate Son
Sire: White Chocolate
Dam: Gas Monkey x Ballistics full sister
Raised by Begalka
Ali Son
Sire: Ali
Dam: Classic Touch
Flushmate to Third overal lamb 2017 Michigan Livestock Expo
Also a flushmate to Buckham Farms TIGHTROPE
Sire: Centerfold
Dam: Public Enemy x 9-106 donor
Sire: Barely Legal
Dam: Maker (Built’s flushmate sister, BK-123)
Power Ticket - RR
Sire: Powercat 14124
Dam: Ticket X Masterpiece
Crown Royal son - QR
Sire: Crown Royal
Dam: Authentic x Miller ET ram raised by Ellerbrock
SOLD - Bravo son - RR
(Bravo x 4-D Large x Guywire)
Ram raised by Nathan.
Powercat 14124
Sire: Game On
Twin brother to the 2014 Reserve Champion Kansas State Fair.
Mud Puppy - RR
Sire: Swamp Dog (Log Dog x Swamp Donkey's mother)
Dams Sire: Ticket (Exile x Wheaton 3- 093)
 She is Ticket Master's full Sister
Grand Dam: Miller Masterpiece x Buckmaster
Mud Puppy combines the best winning genetics of Elliott, Miller and Wheaton all in one package. Mud Puppy has generated some very exciting lambs, the kind that will get you noticed.
Eroc son - Embryo Transfer - RR
68 - RR
(Mud Puppy x Maker)
FOR SALE - $2000
Smoke Show Son - RR
Sire: Smoke Show
Dam: DB 190 (mother of the 2014 Champion at NAILE)
Picture not yet available.
Purchased from Counsell Club Lambs
Chaos - RR
Sire: Maker's Mark (Maker x 4-D Large)
Dam: P 3969 Donor Ewe (Vintage x Masterpiece)
Registered Hampshire. Raised by Miller Hampshires.
Chaos sired the following winners. Grand Champion market lamb at 2015 Putnam County fair. Grand champion market lamb 2015 Putnam County open show. Grand champion market ewe 2015 Putnam County Fair. Reserve Champion wether 2015 Putnam County Fair. Reserve Champion weather 2015 Madison County Fair. Lambs raised by Sloan.
Ticket - RR
Sire: Exile x Wheaton 3-093 donor ewe
Ticket is a maternal sister to Wheaton 8-075 and brother to Majestic. I can't say enough good about Ticket. He makes very consistent, competitive lambs that are square hipped, high in their pins, with bone, shag and an awesome look.
Ticket is the sire of many winners and the 2012 PA Farm Show Reserve Grand.
Real Deal - RR
Reserve Champion Crossbred Ram
Nugget All-American-Reno NV.
Sire: Signature.
Real Deal has done an outstanding job, see his lambs on the winners page.
Colt - RR
Sire: Mud Puppy
Dam: Flex (Miller ewe)
FOR SALE - $500
Ticket Maker - RR
Sire: Ticket (Sire: Exile x Wheaton 3-093 donor ewe)
Dam: Maker (Miller ewe)
Ticket is a maternal sister to Wheaton 8-075
Picture not yet available.
Sire: Log Dog
Dam: Composure Daughter (Mother of Hardwood aka HW)
Miller Genetics Top to Bottom
Sire: Picasso
Dam Sire: Miller 0-663 (Maternal brother to Mastercopy, Beefy and Bone Collector.)
Registered Hampshire.
Swamp Dog
Sire: Log Dog
Dam: 5174 (Mother of Swamp Donkey)
We are happy to have this ram; Log Dog sons have been producing winners all over the country.
- Sold -
Sire: Master Copy
Dam: Masterpiece
Ram Product of Miller
Ticket Master
Sire: Ticket Exile x Wheaton 3-093
Dam: Miller 3770 Masterpiece x Buckmaster
Ticket Master has a big square hip, big boned, fuzzy with plenty of power and that show lamb look.
Sire: Mastercopy
Dam Sire: Masterpiece
Registered Hampshire.
Miller bred. Millers have a full sister in their AI program.
Signature X Attitude daughter
Raised by Begalka
M & M
Sire: True Blood Marcantell
Dam: Miller P-3229 Grand Mother of Pistol Pete.
Sire: Exile
Dam: Wheaton (Classic X Cabaniss 069)
Wheaton 1003
Sire: Untouchable
Dam: Pipeline Daughter
Pretty Caesar Son
Sire: Pretty Caesar
Dam: Cabaniss 105-98 Daughter.
Sire: Golddigger
Dam: D-J & J 748 Vision. J & J 1434
Anvil Cabaniss 287
Sire: 160 Cash Son
Dam: Comet

A grandson of Cash from Cabiness and Miller 244 ewe raised by Hancock.
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